Online MLM – Which Blogs Should You Comment On?

A common strategy used by MLM bloggers for word-of-mouth marketing about their blogs is to comment on other people’s blogs. When you comment on an outside blog this creates an incoming link to your own blog. Commenting on another person’s blog does two things:

1. The incoming link helps increase your blog’s popularity (more incoming links = better ranking in search engines)
2. If your comment is useful, insightful, or entertaining, it can cause people reading the comment to visit your blog.

Most online MLM marketers understand the concept of commenting on other people’s blogs but get confused when it comes time to choose some blogs for comment. The confusion us understandable because the internet is filled with thousand of blogs. Figuring which ones to connect with can be totally baffling. Here are a few tips which might help you select some blogs with which to work.

Choose blogs that are:

1. In your niche

For my MLM home business blog the niche is online MLM marketing

2. Relevant to your niche

I often comment on online marketing, copywriting, and entrepreneur blogs because, while they are not directly in my niche, I have to use all the skills discussed on those blogs to write my online MLM blog. Plus, I want to attract others who read these blogs to consider MLM as a viable business option.

3. Outside your niche

Blogs outside your niche bring new kinds of traffic to your site, including people you want to become your customers and business partners. This is one way to reach out and participate in conversations with your “would-be” customers and eventually attract them to your blog.

4. Written by people whose advice you like

This is a no-brainer. You obviously want any time you spend reading and commenting on blogs to also contribute to your own learning and improve your online MLM marketing skills.

5. Good at provoking thought

Thought-provoking posts are easy to comment about plus they usually already have a lot of “comment conversation” going on, which makes it easy for you to join in. Busy blogs also offer you greater opportunity to network with “would-be” customers and business partners.

6. Popular, with a Google PR ranking of at least 3

Whenever you spend time promoting your blog, make it count. Posting a comment on a less-than-popular blog is like putting up a signpost in the wilderness that points to your blog – no one will see it and it’s a waste of time.

7. Possibly open to swapping guest posts

If a blog in your niche or related to your niche is open to guest posts, it may be worth your time to cultivate a relationship with the blog author. Blog comments are an excellent way to do word-of-mouth marketing for your own blog, but swapping posts with another blog offers 10 times the exposure.

To find the best blogs in and around your niche, go to Alltop and look up your subject area (like business, health, pets, etc.). Alltop will give you a listing of all the top blogs and sites in that niche. Scroll through and see which blogs (and which topics in those blogs) catch your attention.

Pick 10-20 blogs that have a PR ranking of at least 3 (use a PR Checker to find out a blog’s ranking) and subscribe to their feed in a reader like Google reader. Then, daily, scroll through your Reader and visit the posts that interest you. Once there, offer cognitive, insightful comments and voila! You’ve just mastered a blog-commenting formula that can save you a lot of time and make your comments count.

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